Parade Info

Don't forget hats, sunscreen and plenty of water for your group.
We're hoping for another beautiful day!

The date is approaching quickly for the 2017 SCS Memorial Day Parade

Have a safe and enjoyable Parade!
The information below is being pulled from the SCS Memorial Day Parade Website

Parade Route

Sunday, May 28th 2017 on Jefferson Avenue.

The Parade will begin at 1:00 pm sharp at 9 Mile and Jefferson and proceed North on Jefferson, culminating at 11 mile.

Participant Instructions

(Details including your group's line-up number was provided in the participant packets sent to your groups main contact prior to parade day)

All vehicles that are driven in the parade must have patriotic décor. We reserve the right to turn away vehicles if this requirement is not met.

Music played from vehicles/bands should me patriotic in nature.


All participants must provide their own signage for their vehicles and banner carriers.

Please, please, please, groups throwing out candy for the kids MUST drop their candy at the curbs of the outside lanes. Candy thrown from cars encourages small children to run into the street and potentionally right in front of dangerous vehicles. Do not let your group become responsible for harming a small child. Think safety first.

For the safety of the children, throwing candy from vehicles from the center of the parade route IS NOT permitted.

Candy Toss – If you plan on throwing candy please make sure to get it all the way to the curb.
We don’t want children running into the street and nothing distracts a 2 year old like a piece of candy!

IMPORTANT – please be aware that an increasing number of children have peanut allergies and several parents have mentioned that.
Please be mindful of this when you select your product.

Parade is Rain or shine. Please dress accordingly.
Participants are recommended to bring their own bottled water, and snacks if necessary.

Road Closures

Typically Jefferson Avenue will be closed at Marter Rd, and 11 Mile Rd. at 11:30AM.
There will be barricades on Jefferson at 9, 10, Fresard, and 11 Mile Rd.
Additional closures may include:
 Southbound Jefferson at Martin Rd.
 9 Mile Rd. at 9 Mack Drive (just East of Greater Mack)
 10 Mile Rd. (eastbound) at Greater Mack
 11 Mile Rd. (eastbound) at Greater Mack
 11 Mile Rd. will remain open for WB traffic.
 (There will be cones in the turn-arounds so that vehicles cannot come back EB from WB 11 Mile or the side streets north of there.)

Proposed Bathroom Locations

(Provided by the Parade Committee)
23717 Jefferson at Nine Mile, Kroger gas Station.
23800 Jefferson East side, BP Station
23839 Jefferson West side at Harper Lake, Nautical Mile Deli
24102 Jefferson East side, Island Harbor Storage
24501 Jefferson West side, at Fresard, S&K Muffler
24601 Jefferson East side at Trombly, Lakeshore Boat Top
25020 Jefferson East side, West Marine. 
25113 Jefferson West side at Rosemary, Baffin Brewery
25300 Jefferson East side at Maple, Frank’s Jefferson Prime Meats
25700 Jefferson at Statler, 7-11 Store
25801 Jefferson West side at Statler, Detroit’s Finest Coney Island Restaurant
26101 Jefferson West side, Shore Pointe Nursing Home
27600 Jefferson East side, City Hall

Participant Parking

You should received detailed instructions in your packets.
 To reduce congestion, please plan to carpool as much as possible.

Parade Staging

Detailed information should have been provided in your acceptance packets. Do not bring more vehicles than you originally registered.
All vehicles should have a copy of the staging number sheet (supplied in your confirmation packet) displayed inside the drivers side (left) windshield when bringing vehicles into staging area.

Always remember, SAFETY FIRST! Don't rush. The parade steps off at 1:00 pm.
Please, make sure your group arrives at the staging area as early as possible.

Parade Exit

More info to come

Thank you for your cooperation, and participation in such an important parade.

If you have any additional question, please contact: (email is fastest way to get a response back)